“When you have an innovative team of event professionals who believe in our business and strategically aim to increase your event’s ROI…
you can’t help but to win!”



Chivonne Hyppolite, MS, CWP, DES

Visionary & Chief Experience Officer

Known for her extraordinary style, immaculate planning and seamless production, clients trust Chivonne to deliver events that are fully customized to each client’s unique needs. Chivonne is a global event expert with over a decade of experience in intricate corporate event planning. She is a wine enthusiast who loves roller coasters and playdates with her 3 beautiful nieces.


Tara, MS, CMP

Production Powerhouse

When Tara is not in the front of house running the tech team, she is either working out, eating great food or glamping! Event nerd’s have to rest too!


Event Experience Designer

Keira is an avid sports fan, occasional champagne drinker, and exceptional event planner!


Operations Ninja

Taylor has a vivacious personality and looks forward to whatever life may bring. She enjoys poetry/open mic nights and adventurous moments with family and friends.

Brittany, MS, CMP

Event Architect

Being detail oriented, embracing new and creative ideas, and bringing people together for life changing experiences is what drives her passion for events. When she is not directing on site at an event, she’s ministering through song with various gospel artists around the country

Ashleigh, CSEP, PCA, DES

Event Vibe Strategist

Ashleigh is a project management superstar. She brings 10+ years from the entertainment and nonprofit industries and brings golden gratitude and creativity to our events. When Ashleigh isn’t running global large-scale conferences, she’s tending to her garden patio and enjoying the outdoors.

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