Return on Experience (ROEx)

At AEMA we collaborate with our clients to produce event experiences that not only address and meet their desired financial return on investment (ROI), but exceeds their return on experience (ROEx), ultimately driving business value. Since we know that the first rule of marketing is to tap into your audiences’ emotions— because emotions drive purchasing actions–we want to focus on making the attendee FEEL great around your brand. Every touch point (conversation, beverage or entertainer) is an opportunity for a sale and to develop a memory. From the lens of the planner, there are three stakeholders whose ROEx is wildly important for us to consider. Our client, the event vendors and most importantly the event attendees.

When consulting with our clients, even before we discuss the coveted “B” word—budget, we always make it a point to ask three main questions.  1. Tell us about this event you want to produce. 2. What is the purpose of this event? And 3. Who is this event experience truly for? We consistently remind our clients that a total brand experience is the goal…allow your invited guests to breathe, eat, drink and feel the essence of what your brand has to offer them.  This in turn builds brand loyalty, trust and most importantly provides them with a voice to be your biggest advocate in your market landscape.

AEMA’s tips for crafting an ideal ROEx

  • Personalization – guests LOVE things with their name on it. From personalized emails or itineraries to creatively designed keepsake items, you can never go wrong with addressing them by name.
  • Remember, ROEx is about relationships…. Not just how much of the budget was spent. Take this unique opportunity to put your best foot forward in front of your event guests. Build the factors of KLT (know, like and trust) with them.
  • Position your best company advocates to interact and engage in meaningful conversations with your guests so by the end of the event the KLT is established.
  • Provide an all-inclusive sensory experience. An experience triggers an emotion, an emotion ignites engagement but when these two superpowers combine it produces impactful brand exposure which drives business results.